Securing Your Business Both Online and Off

With advances in technology, ensuring your business is protected online is now just as important as taking steps to protect if offline.  Where once the biggest issue would be security measures to ensure hard copies of documents didn’t go amiss, the importance of making sure online versions also stay safe is now just as vital.

There are many different ways to keep your business safe, both in the virtual world and in the real one too.

Online Security

It might surprise business owners to learn that a good percentage of companies do not back up their data sufficiently or have a recovery plan of action should something go awry with data storage.  There are a number of different ways you can back up and store data for your company, and you should only ever use a reputable company who can provide evidence that your data will be handled and protected properly.  This includes having secure networks, firewalls and disaster recovery plans in place.

Make sure you are regularly updating your computer operating systems to keep pace with the developments in technology.  People who are out to hack into computer systems will constantly be learning new ways to access data so staying one step ahead of them will also put you in good stead for protecting any data which may be particularly sensitive. Password protect everything and change up these passwords often.

You should also put tracking systems in place to highlight when there has been any unusual activity on your business network.  This is a great way to ensure any potential issues are spotted and dealt with before they become a serious threat to your business’s security.

Offline Security

Whilst there are certain regulations in place to ensure that companies comply with safety issues, such as having fire alarms and evacuation plans in process, these are not the only ways you need to protect your company in the event of a fire or incident occurring at your place of work.  Having the right insurance to cover physical losses is also very important and you should ensure that you have the correct policy to cover your business as well as investing in the most up to date technology you can to ensure you are protected should something happen.

Businesses are still just as vulnerable to physical attack as they are virtual ones and you should take the necessary precautions to ensure that your place of work is properly taken care off.  Many of these steps are likely to be required by your insurance company before they will agree to cover you.  These could include measures such as a CCTV system, a monitored alarm system and in some cases industrial security doors and shutters.  This would be particularly relevant for any company which had a ‘shop front’, companies which operate with merchandise and products stored on the premises, and large warehouse environments.  Make sure access is as difficult as possible for anyone who wishes to attempt burglary or damage.

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