Is Your Retail Store Safe and Secure?

retail securityThe safety and security of a retail store reduces stock loss and is therefore paramount to the store’s success.  However, far from being just an issue with shoplifters when the store is in operation, safety and security includes aspects such as vandalism and break-ins when your store is closed.  Therefore, having adequate safety measures not only deter would be shoplifters, it also sends a clear message to all that your premises is not an easy target for any unwanted behavior.

So what can you do to make your store safe and secure?  There are in fact many things you can do, many of which are not particularly costly to implement.

Increasing visibility within the store

One of the best ways to deter shoplifters is to increase visibility within the store, so that staff will have the best chance to see who is in the store, where they are and potentially what they are doing.  Consider reducing the height of shelving, and where this isn’t possible, or for any blind spots within the shop, position security mirrors so customers become visible to your staff.  Ideally, the layout of your store should enable aisles between shelves to be seen by staff at the cash register.

Lighting would obviously play a part in helping visibility.  However, this should not be limited to inside the store; car parks outside the store should also be well lit, thereby reducing unwanted behaviour anywhere near your premises and enhancing security for your customers.  Apart from installing more or brighter lighting, keeping your windows relatively clear of signage would enable natural light to come in.

Positioning your products

Continuing with the point on visibility, positioning expensive items where they can be seen will help staff to monitor them more closely. These days, most retail stores will attach security tags to their products where possible. Particularly on clothing and expensive electrical equipment. Again, these serve the purpose of deterring thieves away from items, and will sound an alarm if they pass the doors security system.

Knowing who is in your store and offering to help

An old fashioned approach would be to hang a bell over your front door, or you could invest in a sensor that sends out a chime when a customer walks in.  This alerts your customers that you are aware of their presence and gives you an opportunity to offer help.

Help from staff

Make sure you have an adequate number of staff on the shop floor at all times.  Educate them on theft prevention, and let them how know they can help.  Greeting customers (therefore making them aware that their presence has been noticed) and looking around the store at busy times are certainly things that the staff can do to help reduce incidents of theft.

Securing the premises

Theft and break-ins can occur when the store is closed.  Making sure all entrances and windows are locked is a must.  The ultimate solution however, is to install industrial grade roller shutters over entrances and windows.  Hard wearing, long lasting and can be tailored to suit individual openings, not only will roller shutter doors ensure maximum security against unauthorised entry, it will also reduce the issue of vandalism on your shop front. If you do choose to use industrial doors, regular security door repair and maintenance is now a legal requirement.