Maintaining Your Roller Shutters

Installing industrial roller shutters at your premises can be a good move to ensure that your building is as secure as it can be. However, once they are in place you will want them to last you for as long as possible in a sufficient working manner. This is why it’s so important that you take care to regularly check your roller shutters, have them maintained professionally and repaired if necessary so that they look and work correctly and safely.

The chances are that at some point, your roller shutters will become damaged. This could be due to a number of reasons including vandalism, accidents or general wear and tear. A damaged roller shutter will not only fail to offer the level of security it should, but it can also pose a health and safety risk if it is not operating correctly.

Accidents in the workplace can occur if your roller shutter is not properly maintained. If you have an electric roller shutter, you should make sure that you check the parts and motor regularly. If the safety device were to fail, and the shutter were to close prematurely, then this could have serious consequences, especially if a person were passing through. This also applies to ensuring that your roller shutter is fitted correctly so that it works properly. Poorly fitted roller shutters can be potential health and safety hazards. It is natural that over time parts will become worn and work less effectively, which is why it’s vital that you get your shutters checked over on a regular basis. The best people to do this are professionals. Hiring a professional company for your roller shutter maintenance may seem like an added expense but they will know what they are looking for, they will be trained in how to examine the roller shutters, how to recognise signs that parts are not working to their optimum standard, and they will also be able to carry out any repairs that are needed. This will be priceless in the long term if it prevents an accident occurring in the future.

There are also a few additional things you can consider when looking at the safety of those coming onto your premises. Choose a shutter which is operated via a switch. Throller shutter maintnenacee switch should be located so that the person using it can see the shutter clearly. This will prevent them from closing the shutter when a vehicle or a person is trying to pass through. Those who will be utilising the switch should be trained to check that it is safe to close the shutter before doing so. You could also consider installing a bottom rail safety edge. Most electronic roller shutters do not have these in place but you can attach them afterwards. This is a safety feature which means the shutter will stop as soon as it comes into contact with an object or person. It is fairly self-explanatory why this is safer than one without!

It is now a legal requirement that all industrial doors are checked and maintained, so don’t hesitate to call IDS today for peace of mind that your business is kept as safe and secure as it can be for those entering and exiting via roller shutter doors.