What Kind of Industrial Door Do I Need?

There are many different industrial doors that could benefit your business property greatly. These include anything from fire doors to quad doors, security doors, steel hinged doors and automatic doors. Here we discuss just a few along with their advantages.

Fire doors

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that everybody within the building and any members of the public which are on the site are safe. Proper fire procedures need to be in place so that in the event of a fire, everybody can get out safely and as little damage as possible is caused to the property and any of your assets or stock.industrial fire door

A fire door is therefore necessary to help stop fire in its tracks, so that it does not spread into other areas of the building. It is also a good security feature.

An industrial fire door is robust, sturdy and long-lasting. It has been designed to withstand high temperatures and to keep fire out for as long as possible. In order to stay fully compliant with legislation, it is important that you keep your fire door maintained sufficiently and repaired if any damages come to it during its everyday use.

Roller doors

A roller door is ideal for warehouse use, when vehicles or people are continually coming in and out of the property. Many warehouses around the country will use roller doors as a robust and reliable solution.industrial roller doors

For example, if you own a storage facility, you may find that a regular door would not be ideal as it would get quickly damaged from the amount of vehicles coming in and out of the property. However, with an industrial roller door, you can be sure that the door is lifted in just a few seconds and is designed to fit all of your vehicles in and out safely and securely utilising maximum space.

Quad doors

A quad door is a fast action industrial door, ideal for areas of high traffic where vehicles will be operating at high speed and frequency entering or exiting the property. A quad door is very reliable and fairly inexpensive to maintain and operate.

There are many advantages for choosing a quad door for your business property. Firstly, it is very quick to open, allowing vehicles to quickly enter without needing to wait around. The colour of the door can also be made to suit the business property or your brand colours. There is also an in-line motor which means that the door is more compact for site clearance restrictions.quad door

Noise is easily cancelled out when using Quad doors, and Quad doors can actually improve the working atmosphere and environment of the site and for any workers who are in the nearby area.

The safety of the quad door is paramount, which is why there is an emergency opening which can be activated by using an emergency hand crank.

Like all industrial doors, you need to ensure that your quad door is regularly maintained to ensure that it works at its optimum. By making any repairs as damages occur, you can keep your operating costs low and ensure that the door lasts for many years.