Industrial Grilles for Maximum Security

The security grille is important for your commercial or industrial and can be used for a wide range of applications. You may have seen security grilles in car parks, security gates and most commonly around retail environments and shop grilles  

Security grilles are important for ensuring that intruders stay out and are deterred from entering the area in the first place. By keeping your building and your stock safe, you can save yourself any worry, grief or money issues that comes with burglaries.

Each grill that you buy from a professional manufacturer will be made to rigorous and high quality standards by a fully trained team of fitters. It is also a good idea to choose grilles recognised by the UK insurance industry. IDS can provide Crossguard grilles; Bradbury are currently working with the Loss prevention Council to make these Grilles the first to achieve Certificate LPS 1175. This is a high level of security that the insurance industScreen Shot 2013-05-31 at 14.27.40ry highly recommends.

Security grilles are usually guaranteed for around about a year, but will usually last much longer than this. They will stop burglars from breaking windows, as they act as a barrier between the person and the glass. They have a criss-cross design, and Crossguard grilles can be adapted for different applications. Security grilles do not necessarily appear chunky or unattractive at the front of your property as with traditional models, rather the opposite. Many grilles are made to attractive designs and come with metal finishes that are low maintenance.

Many security grilles can be designed around the look of your building, and each one is tailored to suit your unique requirements and windows. You can also buy security grilles that are fitted to your doors.

Even if you do not live in a particularly high area of crime, many business owners would agree that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to crime prevention. You never know when your shop property will be the next to be targeted, and as the London riots pointed out a couple of years ago, any shop that can be suddenly attacked by criminals.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 14.27.15Not only do the security grilles help to protect your property from intruders who are trying to smash the glass and enter the building, but once the alarms have gone off they can keep the intruders out for as long as possible until the police show up. It is very difficult to get past the security grilles even with brute force.

Grilles are extremely easy to operate, and can be easily adapted to incorporate lift-up tracks, hook bolt locks, swivel returns and zinc plating.

For more information, contact Industrial Door Systems who can provide installation, door maintenance and repairs for your grilles and all other types of industrial and commercial doors.

Industrial Premises Health and Safety

If you own or manage a warehouse, or any type of industrial premises, you’re probably aware of how important it is to keep health and safety in mind when it comes to any procedures or operations. There are many things that you need to consider, and some which may have been overlooked.industrial health and safety

However, it is your legal responsibility to keep the warehouse as safe as possible for both the people that work in it and any members of public nearby.

Not only is it your duty to ensure health and safety regulations are met, but it should also be a business priority. If you were to lose any of your stock because of a health and safety issues such as a fire that broke out in the warehouse, not only would your stock and assets become seriously damaged putting business profits at risk, but your employees lives could be in danger too.

Here are some things that you should look out for when considering health and safety within your industrial premises:

  1. Entrances and exits. It is important that you properly signpost all of the exits and entrances to the premises above doorways. This is so that people can evacuate the building if they need to, quickly and without confusion. It is also crucial that there are no blockages to the entrances and exits of your building, because this could cause fire hazards and also slow people down as they are trying to leave the building, causing a greater risk to your employees.
  2. Doors and windows. Make sure that you have secure doors and wroller shutter doorindows fitted to your warehouse. This is so that thieves are deterred from trying to enter the property. Many warehouses are broken into because they simply lack security measures which include properly sealed windows and locked doors. Industrial doors are the best option – robust and build to withstand constant day to day usage in an industrial environment. Both practical and completely safe, there are a number of different industrial doors that may be suitable for your premises. Roller shutter doors for example are good thermal and sound insulators, and have unique locking systems making it near impossible to force intrusion. Industrial fire doors are built to withstand extreme high heats for hours at a time. Consulting a professional will help you make an informed decision as to what doors and windows will be best for your premises. They will also need to be thoroughly checked and maintained to ensure that they remain complaint with legal obligations.
  3. Your staff. Make sure that any staff that work at the warehouse are fully aware of any health and safety issues, so that they can avoid any potential danger. They should also keep an accident logbook on the premises, so that if anybody was to injure themselves, it is properly noted and recorded for legal purposes. If you need to train your staff, make sure that you invest in professional training because this can really help your employees to act appropriately and know exactly what to do should dangerous incidents occur. This will include manual handling courses and working at height certificates. All staff should also be fully briefed and trained on how to operate special industrial doors and shutters – they are often automatic and extremely heavy devices that shouldn’t be messed with.
  4. Fire precautions. Above all, fire precautions should be your number one priority in your warehouse. Make sure that properly fitted fire extinguishers are regularly placed around your warehouse, and keep fire plans and evacuation routes on maps at the back door. As previously mentioned, look into industrial fire doors to give you peace of mind that your building is as safe as possible.

Overlooking these basic safety regulations could end up having disastrous consequences for both your business and your employees.