Protecting Your Warehouse From The Risk Of Fire

industrial fire doorsIf you own a warehouse where you keep stock, it is important that you protect it as much as possible from fire or theft. Even if you have your warehouse insured, the time and hassle it may cause you if there is a fire may not be worth the worry. It is much better to secure your warehouse, which will also reduce your insurance premiums considerably.

Firstly, if you are thinking about conducting a risk assessment on your warehouse it is probably a good idea to do this at the same time as you look at fire prevention, as the two go hand in hand. Take a walk around the warehouse and look out for items that could pose a risk, or cause a fire. You might notice:

  1. Blocked fire exits – ensure there are no containers or boxes around fire exits. This can help to cause panic in fire and restricts exits in an emergency. Also, ensure that you have the proper fire procedures on the wall so that people are fully aware of where the need to go and what they should do if a fire breaks out in the warehouse area.
  2. Tested fire alarms – make sure your fire alarms are all fully tested. You should test them once a week. Fire alarms are life savers, so do not underestimate their importance. Each year you should also have a full fire alarm drill so that everybody working in the warehouse knows what they are meant to do should the worst happen and a fire breaks out.
  3. Invest in fire extinguishers – these should also be properly maintained and replaced where needed. They should be put at different levels around the warehouse within easy reach.
  4. Flammable items – if you have any chemicals in your warehouse, you are probably already aware of how important it is to keep these in temperature controlled surroundings. Guidelines for this usually come with the chemicals and you can also speak to the manufacturer about this. Any other flammable items, like paper, cardboard and so on, should be stored properly to avoid any potential fire risk.
  5. Door repair and maintenance – One thing you should always ensure to do is repair your doors on your warehouse if you notice anything which is not working correctly. This ensures that they stay safe and continue doing their job as they should. Industrial doors are good for keeping fire out – they are made of tough fire resilient materials to stop a fire in its tracks and prevent it from spreading. If you don’t currently have fire doors, you might consider investing in some. They last for many years and can really protect your warehouse against fire. You must ensure that all industrial doors are maintained regularly to prevent any serious problems that may arise.

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