Roller Shutters: Electric vs. Manual

Roller shutters are a robust and extremely secure solution for the majority of industrial applications. As they open and close in a vertical fashion, they require very little space to operate as opposed to those that open ‘outwards’. A very popular choice for obvious reasons, but bear in mind they come in several different forms, and the right roller shutters for you will depend on individual premises needs.

Electric and manual roller shutters are two of the main types, so what’s the difference? How do you know which one will suit your business perfectly? Let’s take a look:

Electric Roller Shutters:

Electric roller shutter doors are controlled remotely, with the push of a button and are powered by a small motor. The control buttons could be mounted on a wall panel in a convenient place to operate, or for maximum convenience can be in handheld remote control form. If energy efficiency is a large part of your business operations and strategies, these doors can even be solar powered as opposed to connected to the main electricity supply. Battery powered roller shutters are also an option.

Convenience is key here – you can open and close these doors when required at the push of a button, wherever you are. They can also be installed with safety sensors to give you peace of mind.

To save time and maximise efficiency within the workplace, electric roller shutters are an excellent option.

Manual Roller Shutters:

Manual roller shutter doors may be a more affordable option for many, but do not come with the convenience and ease of use that the electrical form hold. They are operated manually using mechanisms such as cranks or winders, so depending on how often these doors are used throughout the day, opening and closing these doors is a physical and time consuming job.

Manual roller shutters will need regular maintenance to keep mechanisms working safely and properly. Electric roller shutters however are more at risk of mechanical and motor based malfunctions, and will need extra care, maintenance and if any problems are identified could hold much greater repair costs.

As manual doors require no electrics, they also an extremely environmentally friendly option.

It’s important to consider several different components before choosing your roller shutters. Of course, it’s always beneficial to seek the help of industrial door professionals if you are at all in doubt, but think about your budget, your business needs and of course energy saving to find the perfect solution for you.

Roller shutter fire doors are also available, built to withstand heat up to 1150 degrees centigrade. These will give you peace of mind that you, your employees and your business premises are as safe as possible should fire occur

Contact IDS for more information on industrial and commercial electric, manual and fire roller shutter doors – we’ll help you find the perfect solution.

Maintaining Your Warehouse Successfully

To run a warehouse is a complex operation and contrary to popular thought, it involves much more than mere logistics. Besides the storage and distribution of stock, there are other issues to be taken into consideration such as security and handling. A major hazard is fire – especially if you store materiawarehouse maintenance and securityls that are of a flammable nature.  Then there is always the added threat of burglary from external or even internal sources at times.

Some of the main warehouse security issues to be aware of are as follows:

Materials Stored

The kinds of materials that are stored can be expensive or pose a fire hazard. Switch on the telly and you are bound to hear news reports of a fire breakout at one of the numerous warehouses across the city. The main cause is lack of proper storage of flammable materials and at times inadequate fire prevention measures being in place. There needs to be a modern detection system in place with smoke detectors and fire sprinklers installed and working effectively. An equally vital area to focus on is the installation of industrial fire doors at all entry and exit points of the warehouse as these help to contain any conflagration. Any lack of these preventive measures can lead to a severe loss of assets.

Security Measures 

These include electronic surveillance equipment to maintain a vigil and security personnel employed to guard the warehouse and its contents. Having the right surveillance equipment installed in the right areas and monitored on a 24/7 basis, 365 days of the year will serve as a strong deterrent to theft. Also remember to notify employees of the surveillance measures as this will prevent any in-house issues. You need to have a security patrol on duty to further strengthen security measures at the site – especially if there are no employees on the premises during the night.

Training of Staff

The staff needs to be well trained to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively. This includes training them on proper storage methods for materials that pose a fire hazard as well as responding to any emergencies in a calm and organised manner. In case there are any flammable materials stored, such as chemicals, they should receive thorough training on handling such materials safely and be provided with the necessary protective gear as well. Regular fire assessments and evacuation drills need to be conducted quarterly or biannually.

Reliable Employees

As theft is a major concern, the staff employed need to be trustworthy and reliable. Another way to prevent theft is by having regular stock checks done. For a large warehouse this may be a challenge but it can be done in a systematic way by being divided into sections with responsible individuals assigned the task of inspecting the respective inventories. Prospective staff must be vetted thoroughly along with background checks to confirm reliability before being employed. Any lapses need to be dealt with strictly and in accordance with the law.

Industrial Door Systems are able to help you with any questions your may have about reliable security and fire doors and their need for regular maintenance checks.

Securing Your Business Both Online and Off

With advances in technology, ensuring your business is protected online is now just as important as taking steps to protect if offline.  Where once the biggest issue would be security measures to ensure hard copies of documents didn’t go amiss, the importance of making sure online versions also stay safe is now just as vital.

There are many different ways to keep your business safe, both in the virtual world and in the real one too.

Online Security

It might surprise business owners to learn that a good percentage of companies do not back up their data sufficiently or have a recovery plan of action should something go awry with data storage.  There are a number of different ways you can back up and store data for your company, and you should only ever use a reputable company who can provide evidence that your data will be handled and protected properly.  This includes having secure networks, firewalls and disaster recovery plans in place.

Make sure you are regularly updating your computer operating systems to keep pace with the developments in technology.  People who are out to hack into computer systems will constantly be learning new ways to access data so staying one step ahead of them will also put you in good stead for protecting any data which may be particularly sensitive. Password protect everything and change up these passwords often.

You should also put tracking systems in place to highlight when there has been any unusual activity on your business network.  This is a great way to ensure any potential issues are spotted and dealt with before they become a serious threat to your business’s security.

Offline Security

Whilst there are certain regulations in place to ensure that companies comply with safety issues, such as having fire alarms and evacuation plans in process, these are not the only ways you need to protect your company in the event of a fire or incident occurring at your place of work.  Having the right insurance to cover physical losses is also very important and you should ensure that you have the correct policy to cover your business as well as investing in the most up to date technology you can to ensure you are protected should something happen.

Businesses are still just as vulnerable to physical attack as they are virtual ones and you should take the necessary precautions to ensure that your place of work is properly taken care off.  Many of these steps are likely to be required by your insurance company before they will agree to cover you.  These could include measures such as a CCTV system, a monitored alarm system and in some cases industrial security doors and shutters.  This would be particularly relevant for any company which had a ‘shop front’, companies which operate with merchandise and products stored on the premises, and large warehouse environments.  Make sure access is as difficult as possible for anyone who wishes to attempt burglary or damage.

IDS can help you with any queries you may have regarding industrial doors. We provide a range of reliable, robust doors for any industrial or commercial environment. We also provide an industrial door maintenance and repair service – just contact us for more information.

Retail Security at Christmas

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for many retailers, but have you also considered that it is a hectic time for thieves and criminals too?

protect your retail business at christmas

The main reason why Christmas is a big target when it comes to crimes against retailers is due to the increased number of customers in stores.  This creates a perfect environment for thieves to operate, given staff are less able to keep a close eye on every customer that walk into the store, as well as the transactions that take place at the cash register.  The examples of risks that retailers should consider and manage include:

  • increased cash on site due to more sales;
  • increased stock loss due to theft;
  • higher number of people using counterfeit notes;
  • more people using fake or stolen credit cards; and
  • the risks for staff as well as customers from late night trading.

So what can you do to make your store safe and secure during the festive period?  There are in fact a number of measures you can take which are not costly to implement.

Firstly, make sure the visibility within your store is not compromised due to having unusually large volumes of stock being piled up.  You need to give your staff the best chance to see who is in the store, where they are and potentially what they are doing.  Check and reposition security mirrors if necessary so customers become visible to your staff.  Also, positioning expensive items close to cash registers where they can be seen will help staff to monitor them more closely.

Lighting would obviously play a part in helping visibility within the store, but you should also ensure car parks outside the store are well lit given the extended trading hours.  This will reduce unwanted behaviour anywhere near your premises and enhance security for your staff as well as customers.

Meet and greet your customers when they walk in as this shows you are aware of their presence.  In order to do this, you will need to have an adequate number of staff on the shop floor at all times – many shops hire Christmas temps to cover demand. This is a good idea, and won’t leave you overwhelmed with custom.

Theft, break-ins and vandalism often occur when the store is closed, and this is especially the case around the Christmas period, when there is an increased likelihood of alcohol fueled crimes at night.  Therefore, you must make sure all entrances and windows are securely locked.  Installing industrial grade roller shutters is a fantastic way to prevent actual break-ins and deter would be criminals.  Other types of doors you may wish to consider include steel hinged doors and sectional overhead doors.  Choose industrial grade doors because these are more effective, harder wearing and can be tailored to suit individual entrances to provide maximum security.

CCTV is a popular method of crime prevention also, and if the worst should happen you have a better chance of tracing any individuals who played a part in the incident.

Christmas should be an exciting and enjoyable time within retail environments – don’t let crime spoil things when in many cases, it can be easily prevented.

UK Business Crime Prevention

Studies suggest that criminal offences against businesses could account for a staggering 20% of all recorded criminal acts in the UK. Criminals are committing premeditated robberies with meticulous planning every day, so it is imperative that business owners take precautions to avoid falling foul of these predators.

When considering methods to protect your business from criminal offences, you will need to look at your business through the eyes of a criminal. Carry out a detailed risk assessment of your business site, are there any weak spots in the building such as a window that does not shut correctly or a damaged panel or door? Criminals will study your site carefully to identify any vulnerable areas and once found they will act quickly.

Securing your premises may seem like an obvious requirement, however many buildings are not as secure as you might think. Consider the age of your windows and doors, are they in good working order? Do they show signs of wear and tear or have significant damage to them? Are the locks heavy duty and in full working order? Your door is not only the gateway through which your customers enter and leave, but it also provides access to the more unsavoury visitor and by having an old, weakened or damaged door you are risking the safety of your employees and your stock. A correctly fitted, heavy duty industrial security door with automatic locking system and strengthened UPVC double glazed windows are the ideal solution to provide maximum security for you and your business.

Don’t forget, any security doors need regular maintenance, and if repairs are needed these should be carried out asap not only to prevent crime, but to prevent serious accident and injury also.

You may also consider fitting an alarm system or updating your existing one if it is more than 10 years old. Alarms deter criminals who are looking to get in and out as quickly as possible with minimal fuss and effort and offer peace of mind to you as the business owner. Depending on the size and purpose, it could be worth installing rolling steel shutters or grills that will cover and protect your windows and doors, especially for businesses on busy high streets in towns or cities.

Staff safety is of utmost importance, and all employees should know the protocol to follow should a criminal offence or threat to their personal safety arise. Security training and self-defence classes can prove to be invaluable tools to employees who work alone in an isolated area.

Keep as little cash on site as possible and publicise this fact. Thieves are looking to get as much as possible as quickly as possible, so if you ensure that no cash and limited stock or power tools are readily available then criminals will be reluctant to target your business. If you do have to store equipment or large amounts of stock on site, please ensure that audits and stock takes are completed on a regular basis and ensure that all equipment is tagged with individual serial numbers that can be easily traced in the event of a robbery. Lastly, review and update your security measures and passwords regularly. Thieves are creatures of habit, and they will try to access your business again in the future so make sure you are always one step ahead of them so that they cannot figure out your tracks.

Signs Your Industrial Door Might Need Repairing

industrial door reapir and maintenanceFor many businesses, their industrial site is a central hub of activity where their headquarters are located. Functionality is key when it comes to your business premises and there are many things you can do to ensure a smooth and safe running of day to day business. Doors are particularly important, designed to keep the elements at bay, and provide security for your business, your stock and more importantly for your staff, so for them to be in constant, sufficient working order is imperative.

Whichever doors your business relies on – industrial sliding doors, roller shutters or sectional doors, here are some things to consider that may help you establish if they are in need of repair or maintenance:

What material are they made from?

Most industrial doors are made from steel or UPVC, but if you have wooden doors you will need to pay extra attention to their condition and watch for signs of decay. If your doors are metal, then regularly oiling of the mechanical systems that operate them will keep the action smooth and prevent any seizing, particularly in cold weather. Your doors not only welcome customers in but they are keep intruders out, and their robustness is essential in keeping your premises secure, especially overnight.

Are your doors manual or automatic?

If your doors are automatic or have electronic actions e.g. remote locking, then you must ensure that back up remote locks are available in case one fails, and complete regular electronic safety tests to ensure their smooth operation. Doors with mechanical actions such as rolling grilles must be kept clean and oiled to prevent the mechanisms from rusting or seizing, thus preventing ease of use and compromising security. If you doors are spring-loaded you need to be especially careful as if one of the springs in the pair fails then the spring tension will be lost and the door will not hold steady when lifted. This is a safety hazard to members of staff and customers, so this must be regularly checked and if any wear is noticed replace both springs immediately.

Do your doors make a noise on opening?

If your doors make any unusual noises on opening/closing, such as squeaks, clicks or a stiff / juddering motion these are sure signs that your doors need attention.  This is especially true of automatic doors if they are not operating smoothly or if they are being temperamental. You must address this right away to prevent the door system failing completely thus compromising security and fire safety. Any unusual noises that start suddenly could indicate a fault so get them assessed by an expert right away.

Is your door balanced?

After continual, extensive use your door can begin to fall off balance due to the wear and tear of part of the mechanical structure. This will result in a heavy door that fails to open and close properly and can even cause problems when locking. If an imbalanced door is not repaired promptly it can result in a full door replacement being required.

Are your doors damaged/dented?

Industrial doors are hardwearing and built to sustain heavy workloads, however if they sustain any damage they must be repaired straight away. A panel that has been dented or misshapen is very easy to fix at minimal cost, but more complex industrial doors, particularly those with mechanical or electrical action will require specialised attention. The repair costs will far outweigh the costs of having to replace stock or repair vandal damage if your site is broken into. By also keeping a watchful eye on the condition and operation of your doors they will provide with years of use and uncompromised security for your building.

If you are in any doubt at all about the condition of your industrial doors, IDS provide an industrial door maintenance service and 24 hour repairs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Maintaining Your Roller Shutters

Installing industrial roller shutters at your premises can be a good move to ensure that your building is as secure as it can be. However, once they are in place you will want them to last you for as long as possible in a sufficient working manner. This is why it’s so important that you take care to regularly check your roller shutters, have them maintained professionally and repaired if necessary so that they look and work correctly and safely.

The chances are that at some point, your roller shutters will become damaged. This could be due to a number of reasons including vandalism, accidents or general wear and tear. A damaged roller shutter will not only fail to offer the level of security it should, but it can also pose a health and safety risk if it is not operating correctly.

Accidents in the workplace can occur if your roller shutter is not properly maintained. If you have an electric roller shutter, you should make sure that you check the parts and motor regularly. If the safety device were to fail, and the shutter were to close prematurely, then this could have serious consequences, especially if a person were passing through. This also applies to ensuring that your roller shutter is fitted correctly so that it works properly. Poorly fitted roller shutters can be potential health and safety hazards. It is natural that over time parts will become worn and work less effectively, which is why it’s vital that you get your shutters checked over on a regular basis. The best people to do this are professionals. Hiring a professional company for your roller shutter maintenance may seem like an added expense but they will know what they are looking for, they will be trained in how to examine the roller shutters, how to recognise signs that parts are not working to their optimum standard, and they will also be able to carry out any repairs that are needed. This will be priceless in the long term if it prevents an accident occurring in the future.

There are also a few additional things you can consider when looking at the safety of those coming onto your premises. Choose a shutter which is operated via a switch. Throller shutter maintnenacee switch should be located so that the person using it can see the shutter clearly. This will prevent them from closing the shutter when a vehicle or a person is trying to pass through. Those who will be utilising the switch should be trained to check that it is safe to close the shutter before doing so. You could also consider installing a bottom rail safety edge. Most electronic roller shutters do not have these in place but you can attach them afterwards. This is a safety feature which means the shutter will stop as soon as it comes into contact with an object or person. It is fairly self-explanatory why this is safer than one without!

It is now a legal requirement that all industrial doors are checked and maintained, so don’t hesitate to call IDS today for peace of mind that your business is kept as safe and secure as it can be for those entering and exiting via roller shutter doors.

Is Your Retail Store Safe and Secure?

retail securityThe safety and security of a retail store reduces stock loss and is therefore paramount to the store’s success.  However, far from being just an issue with shoplifters when the store is in operation, safety and security includes aspects such as vandalism and break-ins when your store is closed.  Therefore, having adequate safety measures not only deter would be shoplifters, it also sends a clear message to all that your premises is not an easy target for any unwanted behavior.

So what can you do to make your store safe and secure?  There are in fact many things you can do, many of which are not particularly costly to implement.

Increasing visibility within the store

One of the best ways to deter shoplifters is to increase visibility within the store, so that staff will have the best chance to see who is in the store, where they are and potentially what they are doing.  Consider reducing the height of shelving, and where this isn’t possible, or for any blind spots within the shop, position security mirrors so customers become visible to your staff.  Ideally, the layout of your store should enable aisles between shelves to be seen by staff at the cash register.

Lighting would obviously play a part in helping visibility.  However, this should not be limited to inside the store; car parks outside the store should also be well lit, thereby reducing unwanted behaviour anywhere near your premises and enhancing security for your customers.  Apart from installing more or brighter lighting, keeping your windows relatively clear of signage would enable natural light to come in.

Positioning your products

Continuing with the point on visibility, positioning expensive items where they can be seen will help staff to monitor them more closely. These days, most retail stores will attach security tags to their products where possible. Particularly on clothing and expensive electrical equipment. Again, these serve the purpose of deterring thieves away from items, and will sound an alarm if they pass the doors security system.

Knowing who is in your store and offering to help

An old fashioned approach would be to hang a bell over your front door, or you could invest in a sensor that sends out a chime when a customer walks in.  This alerts your customers that you are aware of their presence and gives you an opportunity to offer help.

Help from staff

Make sure you have an adequate number of staff on the shop floor at all times.  Educate them on theft prevention, and let them how know they can help.  Greeting customers (therefore making them aware that their presence has been noticed) and looking around the store at busy times are certainly things that the staff can do to help reduce incidents of theft.

Securing the premises

Theft and break-ins can occur when the store is closed.  Making sure all entrances and windows are locked is a must.  The ultimate solution however, is to install industrial grade roller shutters over entrances and windows.  Hard wearing, long lasting and can be tailored to suit individual openings, not only will roller shutter doors ensure maximum security against unauthorised entry, it will also reduce the issue of vandalism on your shop front. If you do choose to use industrial doors, regular security door repair and maintenance is now a legal requirement.

The Benefits of Industrial Security Doors

roller shuttersIndustrial security doors, such as security shutters, are made from roller shutter engineering. This is a particular type door that is made up of horizontal slats that are hinged together. In order to enter or exit the premises, the doors are usually raised. This process can even be computerised or automatic so that there is no need for somebody to operate the doors, making it extremely efficient.

There are many other benefits to industrial security doors. This includes improved security, which is usually a company’s number one concern when it comes to installing industrial doors and shutters. The shutters will have a built in security bar which allows them to withstand a lot of force and also deter crime.

The shutter also provides privacy for your premises, so that you can get on with your everyday activities without the worry that anybody can see you. This is ideal in high security areas where your assets need to stay very safe and away from the public eye.

You also have no need to worry about ventilation or temperature control because the roller slats will allow a constant ventilation and air-conditioning systems are able to function the with these industrial doors fitted.

Industrial security doors are able to cut out noise levels up to 50%. This is ideal for manual labour environments where electronic devices and tools are constantly in use and could cause noise pollution.

There are several different types of industrial doors that you can choose from when you are looking at adding security doors to your business premises.

Certain types of industrial security doors include:

Basic shutter styles: a basic shutter style of industrial door is a standard version which is available in rolling grilles and shutters. The steel guides are mounted directly onto the building which can save you time during installation. You may find this one of the cheapest options for your industrial doors.

Classic shutter industrial door: the classic shutter industrial door is a very popular version because it can be used in many different kinds of companies and buildings. What is great about this door is that there is a resistant bottom profile, which makes the door stronger. This also means that if the ground level is uneven in any way, if you are working in a warehouse for instance, the bottom profile will compensate for this. The classic shutter industrial doors are also designed to withstand heavy weather conditions, such as wind and rain. This makes it perfect for any different business premises where you need to rely on your doors to keep your premises safe, secure and out of harm’s way.

Get in contact today to find out about Industrial Door Systems security door solutions, including security door maintenance and repairs

What Kind of Industrial Door Do I Need?

There are many different industrial doors that could benefit your business property greatly. These include anything from fire doors to quad doors, security doors, steel hinged doors and automatic doors. Here we discuss just a few along with their advantages.

Fire doors

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that everybody within the building and any members of the public which are on the site are safe. Proper fire procedures need to be in place so that in the event of a fire, everybody can get out safely and as little damage as possible is caused to the property and any of your assets or stock.industrial fire door

A fire door is therefore necessary to help stop fire in its tracks, so that it does not spread into other areas of the building. It is also a good security feature.

An industrial fire door is robust, sturdy and long-lasting. It has been designed to withstand high temperatures and to keep fire out for as long as possible. In order to stay fully compliant with legislation, it is important that you keep your fire door maintained sufficiently and repaired if any damages come to it during its everyday use.

Roller doors

A roller door is ideal for warehouse use, when vehicles or people are continually coming in and out of the property. Many warehouses around the country will use roller doors as a robust and reliable solution.industrial roller doors

For example, if you own a storage facility, you may find that a regular door would not be ideal as it would get quickly damaged from the amount of vehicles coming in and out of the property. However, with an industrial roller door, you can be sure that the door is lifted in just a few seconds and is designed to fit all of your vehicles in and out safely and securely utilising maximum space.

Quad doors

A quad door is a fast action industrial door, ideal for areas of high traffic where vehicles will be operating at high speed and frequency entering or exiting the property. A quad door is very reliable and fairly inexpensive to maintain and operate.

There are many advantages for choosing a quad door for your business property. Firstly, it is very quick to open, allowing vehicles to quickly enter without needing to wait around. The colour of the door can also be made to suit the business property or your brand colours. There is also an in-line motor which means that the door is more compact for site clearance restrictions.quad door

Noise is easily cancelled out when using Quad doors, and Quad doors can actually improve the working atmosphere and environment of the site and for any workers who are in the nearby area.

The safety of the quad door is paramount, which is why there is an emergency opening which can be activated by using an emergency hand crank.

Like all industrial doors, you need to ensure that your quad door is regularly maintained to ensure that it works at its optimum. By making any repairs as damages occur, you can keep your operating costs low and ensure that the door lasts for many years.